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Jude Moore
This is my friend George with his son Jude.

I met George in Nashville. We spent the best part of a week together where he showed me around town and helped me get bookings at the best places. In addition to this – we co-wrote a song together whilst I was out there. George is one of the world’s great great guys. I’m blessed to have shared a night performing at the Bluebird Café with George.

Upon returning home I learned that George got the worst news.

“My 2 year old son, named Jude, was diagnosed with NF1 on Christmas Eve, 2015, a day after we took him to our family doc thinking his recently-lazy eye (right eye) would be given eye drops, or a glasses prescription, at worst. His eyes were fine for the first two years of life, including his second birthday just in early December (2015), and therefore we never knew he had NF1 before then. But the right optic nerve tumor was growing and pushing his eye out of his head. (His left eye tumor has not grown thankfully). After a year and a half of monitoring them, his right eye tumor grew from 5mm to 8.3mm, so we started chemo 8.8.2016. Jude is underway with his 60 treatments and is doing well.”

You can help by following George and offering your support here:

Please take a moment to read this from Rachel:

"My name is Rachel Stretch and I have a Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade 4 brain tumour which is terminal. 

My family and I have been helped enormously by Brainstrust. They aim to help everyone diagnosed with a brain tumour, get them access to the help they need to get back on top of things by improving clinical care for brain tumour sufferers and provide co-ordinated support in their search for treatment. They also provide support and advice from the point of diagnosis and beyond. 

Over 55,000 people in the UK are living with a brain tumour, 4,750 individuals are diagnosed with brain cancer every year and a further 4,500 are diagnosed with non-invasive tumours of the central nervous system. More funding will allow medical research staff to perform further research on brain tumours to deliver much needed information about this silent killer.

My friend Pam has created a just-giving page should you wish to donate. Please click the link below.

Thank you, Rachel"